ARTISTS_ About the artists and the Welte sisters

The two artist sisters, Mercedes and Franziska Welte, have created a distinctive brand with NONOS. Their unique sculptures combine pure joy with aesthetic eroticism, dynamic dance and extravagant sensuality. A delicate yet powerful ensemble of colour, shape and movement which unites with sensuality, eroticism and femininity. From the beginning, the name NONOS has been a closely guarded secret that is still to be revealed. In search of the living and the moving, the figures become realised objects, whether dancers, athletes or even spectators. The interplay of movement and colour brings the figures to life and makes them appear emotional. In this way, each sculpture is given its own distinctive character through the traces left by the artists.

Franziska Welte - Nonos

SHAPE & COLOUR_ A dynamic ensemble

The contemporary works of the NONOS artists Franziska and Mercedes Welte are an interesting discourse between “shape and colour”, which also form the characteristics of their NONOS sculptures and their creators themselves: Figures are brought to life from bent steel, fibreglass, epoxy resin and lightfast pigments, uniting dance and movement with colour to create a flowing form of sensuality, pure zest for life and femininity. Through dynamic modelling and the interplay between the variety of colours, materials and light surfaces, NONOS sculptures embody a unique sense of lightness, the intensity of which serves as an expression of the natural form. The unmistakeable style of the unique pieces reflects the close relationship between the artists and their creations, leaving the viewer free to interpret and interact with the sculptures, which conjure up fascinating, feminine worlds of movement.Entstehung faszinierend weiblicher Bewegungswelten.

Mercedes Welte - Nonos

THE ART OF THE START_ Beginnings of femininity

In the words of Victor Hugo: “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. These fitting words have a particular significance for the artist sisters Mercedes and Franziska Welte. Their first figure was born out of spontaneous inspiration. It was the result of a feeling that they were doing the right thing, of a compulsion to demonstrate their own power. And the desire to combine femininity and vulnerability in an expressive form. The joy of movement, of dance and of life itself is coupled with an inspirational femininity that is fun and gives the viewer space to look around. To freely interpret and play with the dynamics of life.

Skulptur Nonos - The Art of State

THE STUDIO_ Where the action happens

NONOS sculptures are made near Lake Constance. It is here that they begin to take shape and take effect. Here that the initially heavy metal is bent, welded by hand and assembled with great care and attention to every detail. This where the character begins to mature, the colours to shine, the design to live. The artist sisters Mercedes and Franziska Welte rarely use sketches, plans or other aids. Rather, the sculptures come about through visually evoked impressions – on the basis of free inspiration and the exchange of ideas that the two sisters share with one another. The dance of feelings – with clear-cut lines and free forms – that’s what makes the NONOS sculptures.